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Unmanned CNC Roll Grinding System
Enhance the precision of grinding.
       - Axial transmission, bearings, hydraulic components updated.
       - Carriage bed and sub-base leveling, slide way scraping.
          Ps: straightness, flatness and twist to the original producer's standards acceptance.
       - Automatic wheel balancing system.
       - Roll surface roughness measurement system.

. Automatiroll grinding.
       - Servo motor/driver updates.
       - Head stock and wheel motor/driver updates.
       - CNC control updates.
       - Remote control system.
       - Basic grinding functions.
       - Advanced
grinding functions.
       - Customized grinding functions.
       - Roll basic information database.
       - Roll grinding program
       - Roll grinding history database.
       - Fast trouble shooting PLC program.

. Measurement of roll profile.
       - Roll Measurement Systems (domestic and foreign patent has been made).
       - Measure roll profile, roundness and runout.
       - Vertical and horizontal neck roundness measurement.

. Inspection of the roll defect.
       - Ultrasonic inspection system (deep cracks/bruises).
       - Eddy current inspection system (shallow
. Automatic roll loading.
       - CNC roll loader.
       - Roll loader remote control system.
       - Roll identification system.

 LEADJECK CNC's revamping achivement statistics
Customer Grinder amount time Caliper Roll Loader
Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd HERKULES 1 2001    
Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd HERKULES 1 2004    
Yuan Long Stainless Steel Corp.  TOSHIBA 5 2007    
SYNN Industrial Co., Ltd POMINI 1 2009    
China Steel Corporation WALDRICH 2 2014 2 1

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