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CNC Roll Grinding Control
. Type: LAC-50RGS/Plus.
. Control Axes: 10+2.
. Servo Axes: X,Z,Y,U,A.
      X: Sub-base.
      Z: Carriage.
      Y: Crown Profile.
      U: Micrometric Infeed.
      A: Wheel Probe.
. Servo Axes: V,C,R,B,T.
      V: Caliper Carriage.
      C: Caliper Upper Arm.
      R: Caliper Lower Arm.
      B: Caliper Rotation.
      T: Roll Inspection Probe.
. Wheel Axis:.
       B: Wheel.
. Spindle Axis:
       S: Head.

. Can be operated in local or remote, or both.

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